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Sunday, 15 March 2020

The Fifth Technique : Avoid Negative Emotions

Surprised? Don't be. To the mind, happiness is health, and the best way that you can avoid a failing memory is to avoid stress, depression and other negative emotions. And it's not just depression - other mental issues can also negatively affect the memory. If you're stressed at work, that can definitely have a detrimental effect on your mental functioning. Not only will you find your memory beginning to give you trouble, but you'll also find that your mind doesn't work as well either.

The Fifth Technique: Avoid Negative Emotions
The Fifth Technique: Avoid Negative Emotions
It's said that there are some people who flourish under stress, but for most of us, it can have serious negative consequences for mind and body, and is really best avoided. So the next time you find yourself worrying about issues at work and deadlines, try to relax a bit, and to realize consciously that worry about things and stressing yourself out is actually causing you to function less effectively.

Another negative emotion that affects the memory are frequent spells of uncontrolled anger, another highly detrimental emotion. If your anger is out of control and you find yourself forgetting things more than you used to, be sure that the two are connected, and seek counseling for your anger issues. Lastly, but hardly the least, there's depression, which can invade and 'infect' the mind to such an extent that the whole thinking becomes warped, and normal memory becomes impossible. Let me explain what I mean by a normal memory and how depression can warp it.

A normal memory is a memory in which all things worth remembering, both good and bad, are recorded about equally. But when you're depressed this balance in the memory changes and you find yourself only recording 'bad' issues that might happen. And you can just imagine how this results in making you more depressed. So treatment for depression is essential.

Another detrimental effect that is caused by negative emotions is that they all trigger chemical changes in the brain that seriously affect one's ability to concentrate - and you remember how I stressed how concentration and focus are essential to memory a little earlier in this guide. Viola - no concentration, no memory, or at least it will result in serious memory lapses.

So, if you happen to be affected by any of the issues I mentioned - stress, anger or depression, make sure you seek treatment from a doctor or psychologist, because the cost in mental health and in memory capability is too high, and which is more, can become permanent over time.

These are a few simple tips, yet they are crucially important to maintaining and developing your memory. Rather than simply supply you with tricks to help you remember various mundane things, I've suggested methods and technique here that can help you develop your mind so that memory becomes a natural and effortless function that is wholly within your conscious control.

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